Visit Sarah K’s Gourmet in Destin for great seafood including the highly coveted “World Famous Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes.” This restaurant offers both the traditional sit-down restaurant experience as well as take-out, ready-to-heat food.

The Chef, Sarah K

As owner and chef, Sarah K’s journey to her own restaurant was inspired after a career in investment banking proved to be less than fulfilling. After enrolling and graduating from Philadelphia’s Walnut Hill College, Sarah embarked on her dream of owning a restaurant. As someone with a lifelong love of food and cooking, Sarah picked up many culinary skills from spending time with her mother in the kitchen as well as from the various places she lived as a child in a military family. And that highly coveted crab cake was perfected while living in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Destin Restaurant

At Sarah K’s, simple is better. The menu changes to reflect the freshest seasonal offerings. The menu is fixed with up to 10 dishes. These dishes are created with deep consideration for the region and preferred tastes of customers that dine at Destin restaurants. The crab cakes are a hit and a must have for anyone visiting Sarah K’s for the first time. They are authentic jumbo lump crab cakes made with all crab and no fillers. The chicken salad is also another local favorite. Both locals and visitors love Sarah K’s so much that the restaurant has consistently won the “Best of the Emerald Coast” award each year since opening.

Take & Bake

Sometimes you want the taste of Sarah K’s, but you don’t have the time to dine out. Not a problem. This Destin restaurant offers frozen prepared renditions of some of its most popular menu items. Sarah K’s has a display case of its various pre-prepared items at the restaurant for those that are interested in taking a bit of Sarah K’s home with them. Most of the frozen items are easily prepared in 30 minutes with very little clean up afterwards. This is the perfect way to satisfy the craving for those jumbo lump crab cakes. Come to Sarah K’s Gourmet to enjoy a specially created menu of freshly prepared dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to try out the jumbo lump meat crab cakes while you are there on vacation! Contact us to learn more!

Nearby Fun Stops to Add to the Itinerary

Taking time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the best of seasonal offerings at Sarah K’s Gourmet promises to be a palate-pleasing highlight of your Destin getaway no matter when you find yourself in the area. When your travel plans include a stop at this sensational eatery, the added bonus built into the experience is that you’ll find yourself close to fun nearby landmarks, activities, and attractions that are just as well worth checking out when you’re in the area! If you know you’re the type of traveler that’s always up for expanding their itinerary selections, then adding the following stops to your must-experience list promises to be a good choice.

Boat Charter Destin

A sit-down meal at Sarah K’s Gourmet is a great way to pass the time, but for some Destin travelers, there’s simply nothing more satisfying than time spent on the water. If you love getting out on the waves but could use some guided expertise to make the most of the journey, the team at nearby Boat Charter Destin is happy to help! Book a customized on-the-water adventure with this company which isn’t far from Sarah K’s Gourmet. Whether you’re looking to cast a line and enjoy a day of deep-sea fishing, or can’t wait to sit back and sail your way to fun, the professionals at Boat Charter Destin have the vessels, knowledge, and passion for the sea that makes all the difference. Boat Charter Destin is located at 4601 Legendary Marina Drive and is open daily between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

James Lee Beach

If you’re looking for a place to relax after a savory meal that promises to be as tranquil as it is scenic, then James Lee Beach checks every box on the list. This inviting stretch of shoreline is loved for its peaceful ambiance, emerald waves, and sugar-white sand that makes for a perfect place to settle in and work on your Florida-inspired glow. James Lee Beach is also a popular swimming destination and if you happen to have your snorkel gear in hand, you can always venture below the ways to see what marine life is swimming by.

Henderson Beach State Park

Whether you’re looking to work up an appetite for time at Sarah K’s Gourmet or feel the urge to exercise after a robust meal, the hiking trails at Henderson Beach State Park provide just the right routes to do so! Enjoy trekking through scenic dunes and lush foliage when you set your sights on this area for outdoor adventure. Henderson Beach State Park is a great place to make the most of the shoreline but it’s also known for its exceptional bird-watching opportunities as many local and migratory species make their way through each year.

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