Traditionally, Destin, Florida is a vacation destination where travelers from near and far come together to enjoy the beauty and fun that awaits side by side. From museums and packed beaches to sightseeing and lovely landmark locales, visiting Destin has long been an experience in mixing and mingling with fellow travelers too. In 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19, things in Destin may look a bit different, but this destination remains wonderfully appealing despite the changes. With social distancing top of mind, here are a few of the top activities in Destin to enjoy that still highlight the best of Destin while keeping you safe and healthy.

Destin Vacation Boat Rentals

Getting out on the water is always a highlight of a trip to Destin and a wonderful way to have fun while practicing social distancing. Rent a boat for the day with Destin Vacation Boat Rentals and enjoy a private excursion with your loved ones that promises to be as good for your health as it is scenic! From pontoons to powerboats, guests can choose the vessel that fits their style for a day on the water. Destin Vacation Boat Rentals is conveniently located at 102 Harbor Boulevard.

Mattie Kelly Park and Nature Walk

Heading into nature for some scenic encounters is a good way to integrate social distancing into your Destin journey without missing out on the amazing sights. The Mattie Kelly Park and Nature Walk at 825 Beach Drive is a popular place amongst anglers and crabbers in large part thanks to its tranquility. These same qualities make it a great place to come and spend a quiet afternoon far from the crowds enjoying the beauty of the wetlands. With over 10 acres of protected land to explore, guests can enjoy using the park’s pier, picnic areas, and beach as well.

Book a Fishing Charter

You don’t have to be an experienced angler to make the most of time on the water reeling in something spectacular. Booking a private fishing charter is a great route to avoiding crowds while expanding on your water-based skillset too. From deep-sea charters to inshore guides, there are plenty of Destin activities when it comes to companies that can cater to your specific fishing charter needs. Deep Sea Fishing Destin is a good place to start if you’re interested in reeling in something truly impressive from the deep blue sea.

Enjoy a Stroll Along the Destin Harbor Boardwalk

While you might not be settling in at restaurants or taking time to pop into the shops that line this area, the Destin Harbor Boardwalk is still a great and vibrant place to enjoy a stroll and savor the sights. From this vantage point, visitors can take time to watch the many boats sail by and if you have a fishing charter set up, it’s likely that this the point from which you’ll depart. Window shop instead of stepping inside and make the most of the colorful scenery that has long allowed this destination to enjoy fan-favorite status in Destin.

Pack a Picnic Lunch and Head to Henderson Beach State Park

When you’re looking to land in one place but are craving a versatile lineup of outdoor options for fun to keep you far from the crowds, Henderson Beach State Park is the place to be. Nestled into the scenic landscape at 17000 Emerald Coast Parkway, Henderson Beach State Park is open every single day of the year between 8:00 am and sunset. Those that arrive with a vehicle can park for only $6 before venturing in to make the most of the incredible terrain that awaits. Pet-friendly nature trails wind through this destination, making it a great place to socially distance in the company of your favorite canine companion. Bird watching and wildlife spotting are popular activities at Henderson Beach State Park while the boardwalks situated over impressive sand dunes are also a great place to capture photographs and savor the moment. For those that love to soak up the sun or hop in the water on a tranquil vacation day, enjoy the best of the beach or go for a leisurely swim during a visit. When you’re in town with the family and are looking to enjoy an outdoor meal or snack, Henderson Beach State Park promises to be the perfect place to delight in a picnic with the ones you love most!

Book a SandCastle Lesson

Keep your distance from the crowds while staying creative by booking a private lesson with the experts at SandCastle Lessons. This enthusiastic team can provide the instruction you need to create a spectacular shoreline creation. Take a hands-on approach to waterside artistry and let SandCastle Lessons lead the way! Whether you’re enjoying a solo adventure to Destin or a small family looking for a one-of-a-kind activity, this is sure to check every box on the list.

Take Time to Enjoy Florida with These Destin Activities

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