When the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures soar, the 24 miles of coastline known as 30A comes to life in the name of the Florida summer season. Hugging Florida’s northwest Gulf Coast, 30A is a popular destination for travelers excited to leave work behind and indulge in spectacular scenery and options for fun that are sure to inspire. When you’re ready for a journey of exciting proportions, be sure to add the following stops to your summer plans when venturing through 30A.

Bird Watching at Grayton Beach State Park

30A is a delightful summer destination for those that love the water and sand but it’s also a place well-suited to inspire the enthusiastic bird watcher. When you’re excited to hike and explore your way through a Florida summer vacation while connecting with nature, put Grayton Beach State Park at the top of your list and bring your binoculars too. This beautiful and thrilling area of protected land is undeniably lush and includes trees, trails, abundant plant life, and sand dunes, bringing in birds of many types and species as well as routes for observing them in their natural habitats.

Sand Castle Lessons in Destin

Summer in Florida is the season for beach hopping at its best and for visitors traveling with children this way, there’s nothing more fun than booking a private sandcastle lesson along the waves! Partner up with the experts of creating amazing works of art on the beach and enjoy learning how to put together a masterpiece of your own. This activity is fun for the entire family and your SandCastle Lessons guide will meet you at the beach of your choosing.

Kayaking on a Dune Lake

30A is undoubtedly a scenic destination complete with beautiful foliage, amazing beaches, and waves, but it’s also home to some unique natural landmarks in the way of dune lakes. Found in few other places across the globe, a summer in Florida this direction is a wonderful time to get out and explore these bodies of water in style. Hop in a kayak or on a paddleboard and enjoy time exploring these lakes which are truly one of a kind.

The Best of 30A During Summer in Florida

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