Well-loved and at-home traditions have a way of taking center stage when Thanksgiving rolls around. Whether it’s time enjoying a turkey dinner at the table, or moments spent with family who’ve flown in from far and wide, it’s a time of year set aside to count our blessings and be close to those we love. While these moments are important, there’s no reason they can’t be hosted in settings that speak to a touch of tropical inspiration! When you’re in the mood to switch this up a bit this year, consider gathering your family and friends and heading to Florida’s 30A to enjoy a 30A Thanksgiving holiday away you won’t soon forget!

Enjoy Encounters with Coastal Dune Lakes

30A is a stretch of Florida’s Gulf Coast known and loved for its dynamic terrain, but perhaps no feature stands out quite like the area’s coastal dune lakes. Thanksgiving on 30A is a fantastic time of year to check out these unique bodies of water that dot the landscape and are only otherwise accessible in places like Oregon, Australia, Madagascar, and New Zealand! Head out for a family-friendly excursion on one of these lakes while you’re here by planning on renting a paddleboard and floating your way through a sunny afternoon.

Make Time for Hiking

Hitting the trails is always an option along 30A, whether you’re looking to work off those 30A Thanksgiving meal extras, or just can’t wait to indulge in the fact that your November includes great temperatures. Point Washington State Forest is a particularly inviting locale for those that love to lace up their boots and trek their way to adventure. Covering more than 15,400 acres of protected land, this state forest is home to Longleaf Pine Trail and Eastern Trail which wind through 10 different ecosystems this area hosts.

Book a Fishing Charter

Whether you’re an experienced angler or excited to learn something new this Thanksgiving on 30A, booking an excursion with 30A Fishing Charters is a great place to start. Enjoy in-shore or deep-sea adventures with all the gear you’ll need included as your guide provides insight into the many species of marine life that call these waters home.

Enjoy the Journey to Thanksgiving on 30A

30A is calling, so what are you waiting for? The team at Five Star Properties is here to make sure your accommodations are settled, so you can indulge in the comfort and focus on the fun. Reach out today to learn more!