We all enjoy the grand attractions that attract crowds of tourists like ants to a piece of candy. After all, people go where there is excitement, so those popular places must be worth a visit! However, there are plenty of days where we may want to do something quieter, something that is off the well-worn path and which few tourists get the chance to do or see. If you find yourself feeling this way, make sure you read on about our picks for the top five under the radar 30A attractions!

Beachfront Adventures

When we travel with our families, oftentimes we want to do things together and which we all will enjoy, including the little ones who came along. Well, if you’re looking for this type of activity, look no further then Beachfront Adventures, who stand as the perfect afternoon outing for the family to enjoy each other’s company. Let the competition soar as you let your inner Tiger Woods out as you tackle their miniature golf course. Perhaps you are looking to do something new and exciting; if that’s the case, make sure you take a ride on their unique bumper cars with special seats that spin the rider 360 degrees both ways! After an afternoon on the golf course, and after allowing your stomach to settle after navigating the dizzying bumper car course, make sure you stop by their eatery which serves freshly made pizza as well as ice-cold beer for the adults. All this makes Beachfront Adventures the perfect place for the family to enjoy, especially if you might be traveling on a strict budget. So, gather the family, hit the road, and enjoy a day in the warm coastal sun at Beachfront Adventures!

Man in the Sea Museum

Every now and then it is truly enjoyable to let the inner scholar out and expand one’s mind. If you are looking for a more scholarly activity, make sure you check out Man in the Sea Museum, which is sure to teach you a thing or two about the history of marine exploration and in particular the history of human adventures beneath the beautiful and pristine oceans. You’ll find a variety of exhibits for your viewing pleasure scattered around the 5,000-square-foot floor space. You’ll find such treasures as the U.S. Navy Deep Diver System Mark I which was used in 1968 to explore the deep sea. You’ll also a historic diving suite from all the way back in the year 1837, as well as an armored suit which was used in 1913 to explore the very deepest parts available at the time, all the way down at 400 feet bellow the surface. Make sure you watch your calendar, as in addition to these fascinating finds, they also host the annual Oyster Bash which comes with all you can eat oysters, live music, fresh Gulf shrimp, craft beer and wine, as well as hamburger and hot dogs for those who might not enjoy the fishy snacks as much as others. So, get ready to understand the history of underwater exploration more then you ever thought you would by spending an afternoon at the Man in the Sea Museum!

Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade

We all have fond memories of killing an afternoon in an arcade, our pockets lighter from lack of coin but now stuffed with all sorts of curiosities acquired from our hard-won tickets. Well, why not introduce your own children to the joys of the arcade with its blinking lights and wall of sound as you step in. While you’re at, why not introduce them to the long-time favorite of laser tag. Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade is the perfect 30A attraction if you are looking to relish in nostalgia as well as have a great time with your own kids; feel free to go if you don’t have kids, after all, one is never too old to enjoy the thrills of laser tag and arcade games! You will find that their arcade hosts over 70 different games, ranging from the fast-paced shooter to the classics that will allow you to show off some hidden skills from your childhood. You will find a range of state-of-the-art games and may even be surprised how much arcade games have grown since the days of paddles and a square ball dancing upon a black screen. Further, it wouldn’t be an arcade without a wide selection of different prizes you can procure by exchanging those tickets you so proudly earned. Gone are the days loaded with a cup of coins with physical tickets stuffed within one’s pockets; all the points and tickets are housed on a single card, allowing you to focus solely on beating that all too tantalizing high score. Their laser tag is just as intriguing, as not only is it fully interactive but also astoundingly immersive. You will find your self pitted against each other as you navigate the Temple of Doom. As you slowly make your way past large stone walls inscribed with runes as well as the occasional snake statue, you will find yourself not only struggling to survive the barrage of fire from your opponents, but also the wide variety of traps hidden within the walls of your temple tomb. So, if you are looking for a memorable afternoon that a younger you would have been seething with jealousy over, make sure you check out Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade!


Everyone, at least on some level, loves animals. Is there really anything not to love? Why not head on down to ZooWorld and spend an afternoon truly surrounded by all manner of exotic animals, each begging for your attention. One will not merely be watching from a distance, but you’ll be able to get up and personal with the various creatures and even feed many of them! Create an everlasting memory by holding, and even feeding, a baby kangaroo. Perhaps you are looking for a bit of a thrill; in this case, check into their bearded dragon feeding. Further, have the ability to show off to your friends by boasting about touching a live porcupine or even feeding an alligator! You’ll also have the chance to check out their awe-inspiring interactive lion show. This is just a couple of the things available to you at ZooWorld, but there are many other surprises waiting to be discovered, including giraffe feeding, axe throwing, sloth petting, and more. So, get as close as to nature possible by holding and feeding a variety of exotic animals at ZooWorld!

Pirate Cruise

Here at number one, we have an activity that is specially made just for the little ones in your party. However, we must fully admit we are a bit jealous, and you are sure to be too, as the activities the kids will have at Pirate Cruise genuinely sound fun no matter your age! While you may not be ablet to participate in the kids’ activities themselves, you’ll be able to relax with a good drink as your children are expertly watched and distracted by Capt. Fearless and his pirate crew. This two-hour family cruise includes a host of things for the little ones which is sure to have them talking about it non-stop for months to come. The little ones will get to take part in sword fighting and cannon firing via the “kids’ canon.” They will get to read a treasure map and eventually travel to find it, even getting to keep a bit of the loot discovered from the sunken treasure! They will also take part in a fearless water gun fight, not to mention face painting and getting “pirate tattoos”. As well, there is plenty for the adults and kids alike to enjoy including music and singalongs, dolphin sightings, soda, snacks and even souvenirs! What’s more, the cruise and all the joy and festivities that go along with it are available for a rather reasonable price. ensuring almost any family can enjoy all they have to offer. So, if you are looking for an entertaining, and interactive, activity for the afternoon, and one which is perfect for the entire family, then make sure you take a ride upon Pirate Cruise!

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