There are many things to see in Florida, from naturally pristine beaches and thick forests to national parks and manmade attractions of every shape and size. Due to this reason, as you’re traveling along 30A, it may seem almost overwhelming when trying to decide which of our many wonders to see and experience. We understand this, and so we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a list of our picks for the top five tourist attractions in Florida and hotspots along 30A!

Wet-N-Wild Watersports

When people think of Florida, they are most likely thinking of warm beaches. You might even think of amusement parks that make you adrenaline pump as you partake in their thrilling rides. However, what many don’t think of is the chance to have an adventure in the natural world. Well, with Wet-n-Wild, you will be able to truly experience the Florida wilderness and have an adventure that you will be talking about and sharing with friends for years to come. Offering a variety of different tours and activities, Wet-n-Wild is sure to provide an afternoon of excitement. You might enjoy soaring high in the air, suspended amongst the birds as you parasail over water stretching out below you. You might also enjoy zooming across the water as you push your rented jet ski to its limits. If you are looking for something a bit more relaxing, check out their dolphin sightseeing tours or maybe enjoy exploring the coast and Crab Island upon a rented pontoon boat. Whatever it is that you need to have the adventure of a lifetime Wet-n-Wild is sure to have it, so make sure you stop by and let that inner explorer come out to play for a time!

Gulf World Marine Park

The world of the ocean is a fascinating, if not slightly mysterious thing with all manner of otherworldly creatures hiding amongst the waves. Why not spend an afternoon learning about them, and even get a chance to interact with the beautiful and majestic creatures of the oceans blue at Gulf World Marine Park? Hosting daily educational shows, you’ll have the ability to not only learn about the ocean’s wildlife but even get to swim with the majestic dolphins who call it home. Further, you’ll have a chance to be a trainer for a day as you shadow a real one as they go about their day; you’ll even get to help train and feed the variety of sea life! Further, snorkel with stingrays and get a memory that very few can say that they share. If you have any little ones with you, they very well might enjoy the Dolphin Day camp, where they get to spend an entire day at the park getting insight into the behind-the-scenes activity of the various staff and trainers, and of course get to spend some time with the various aquatic animals they care for. Participants will get to enjoy a variety of interactive games and activities, as well as get free pizza and a complimentary t-shirt. No matter the age, you are all sure to enjoy the unique dolphin swim at this 30A tourism spot, which has you stand upon the backs of these beautiful sea creatures as they flow through the water. So, come to Gulf World Marine Park and enjoy a day amongst the fishes and animals that call the ocean home.

Sling Shot & Indie Raceway

If you are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, and which will have your heart hammering in your chest and eyes wide as you feel your blood pulsing and excitement bubbling, then you are sure to love Sling Shot & Indie Raceway! Anyone who has spent time on social media will be familiar with the Sling Shot, which has been the source of many a viral video. You will be pulled back via a spring machine until 40 tons of energy has been stored, before suddenly being released and shot into the air, where you tumble and fall before being caught by the elastic bands holding your cage to the tall poles on either side of the attraction. On the Sling Shot, you won’t only find yourself spinning and toppling as you reach a top height of 300 feet but will feel the effect of traveling at over 100 mph into the air. After you have tackled the Sling Shot, make sure you check out the Indie Raceway, which hosts a variety of go-carts that are just begging you to take them out on the track and show just what they can do. After zooming around for a bit, make sure you check out the Vomatron. This adrenaline-inducing ride was inspiring by the rigorous training exercises of NASA astronauts. You will find yourself being locked in at the end of a 200-foot arm. As the ride begins, you will find yourself being spun in a circle via six motors which will eventually have you zooming in circles at over 70 mph and experiencing up to 5 Gs of force. Just when it stops and you’re able to breath a sigh of relief, the ride begins once more, but this time in reverse!

Shipwreck Island Park

It is fairly safe to say that there aren’t many people on this planet who dislike water parks. After all, what’s not to like about zooming through a tunnel with water carrying you on your journey or relaxing in a lazy river as you slowly float with no direction or destination in mind? Well, for those who are looking to cool off and have some fun in the process, make sure you check out Shipwreck Island Park, one of the top tourist attractions in Florida. This 20-acre park has all the water adventures one would hope for. Why not tackle the waves in their 500,000-gallon wave pool, or perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy the pleasures of their 600-foot white knuckle river? Perhaps you’d enjoy the thrill of sliding down the two 65-foot-tall slides, giving you the choice of a free fall drop or a long twisting tube that will have you wondering when the end might be in sight. You can even experience the thrill of white-water rafting on their raging rapids which consists of 300 feet of white-water fun. Why not drift and relax for a bit on their lazy river or have some family fun at Skull Island complete with a tipping bucket that will drench you with 700 gallons of water. For truly little ones, make sure you take them to the Tadpole Hole, which is perfect for them to splash and play and have their own miniature waterpark excursion. If you find your stomach growling, fear not, for you will find a range of different eateries that have all your favorites, from hot dogs to pizza, BBQ, funnel cake, ice cream and all comfort foods in-between. So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend a day and looking to get a bit of that adrenaline pumping, make sure you check out Shipwreck Island Park!

Pier Park

If you are looking for a bit of everything and have the ability to kill an entire day exploring a multitude of different options, make sure you check out Pier Park! This shopping and entertainment center hosts over 124 stores for you to peruse and browse, ranging from the famous department stores we are all familiar with to smaller locally owned places that will welcome you. You’ll also find plenty of places to cure the rumble of one’s stomach as you’ll discover a wide range of various eateries, including every style of cooking from all over the world. Further, you’ll find a wide selection of different activities to entertain you for hours, if not the entire day. You could cool off and catch a thrilling IMAX movie in the theatre, or you could let the competitions soar as you compete against one another in the thrilling laser tag arena. Perhaps you’re looking to grab a nice drink and dance the day away at one of the varies venues offering live music or the various lounges. One can put their perception and skills to the test in the mirror maze or show off their flexibility in the laser challenge. Don’t miss XD Dark Ride which is a 7D interactive video game that combines special effects, motion ride technology, and interactive video game technology to create an in-depth interactive experience that affects all your senses. You will have a selection of a wide range of different games which have you fighting zombies, werewolves, robot cowboys, and more! So, if you are looking to spend a day exploring the wonders of shops and experiencing a barrage of different activities and eateries, then make sure you stop by Pier Park and see why this is easily one of the biggest hotspots in the area!

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