A good view is like a delicious sweet. No matter who you are or where you go, if you have the chance to experience the pleasure it brings, you are going to grasp the opportunity fully. Well, despite what some might expect, Florida is full of various natural landscapes that will have you sitting in awe at the view before you. If you are craving a good view to enjoy with your significant other, friends, or family, make sure you read on about our top five Florida sightseeing spots in 30A for a gorgeous view!

Deer Lake State Park

As we tour the views of 30A, we will start off with Deer Lake State Park, which hosts a wide variety of different views, including the dense forests of the Florida Flatwoods and the dune lake, which is one of 17 coastal ones in Florida. Further, you’ll find a selection of different nature and hiking trails to take allow you to truly see all that this state park has to offer. You’ll find two main trails, the first being the Orange Trail, which will give you breathtaking views of towering pines and fuzzy deer moss. The other is the Blue Trail which takes you to a scenic overlook of the norther section of Deer Lake. While you’re hiking and exploring the beautiful area, make sure you keep a look out for Gulf coast lupine and magnolias! So, why not come and see both the dunes as well as the ancient pine forest of Florida at Deer Lake State Park.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

While you may be exploring the coast, and most likely came to see the pristine blue waters of the Gulf, make sure you don’t miss the chance to see some of the other unique ecosystems that make Florida the unique state that it is. At Topsail, you will find a sea of large sand dunes which, from a distance, look like large sails rising up out of the terrain (thus the name). You’ll find an odd sort of joy as you scramble up the brilliantly white quartz dunes, forgetting for a moment your coastal location. Amongst the towering sands you will find a freshwater dune lake that has a host of various aquatic life. In addition, you’ll find that as you explore, you’ll meet the edges of an old-growth pine forest complete with sandy scrubland, dunes, and a wetland, all of which are yours to make an adventure out of and let the inner explorer out for a spell. For the outdoors fan, this is the perfect stop to make, as you’ll find three miles of pristine beaches to explore and view the wide variety of species that call the area home, including red shouldered hawks, eastern bluebirds, red cardinals, ospreys, and even the threatened snowy plovers and piping plovers. You might even like to rent a bike and enjoy the 15 miles of trail that will take you through the beautiful area and give you a chance to not only see these beautiful birds, but a wide range of imperiled species, including the Choctawhatchee beach mouse and the ever-mysterious carnivorous pitcher plant. So, if you are looking for a place to get acquainted with the local wildlife and beautiful views of the lake and forests, make sure you stop by Topsail Hill Preserve State Park!

Grayton Beach Hike and Bike Trail

If you are looking for a beautifully pristine beach where you can lay back as you watch the sun transform the ever-blue sky into a palate of oranges and yellows and the crashing waves play you a rhythmic lullaby, Grayton Beach is the place for you! Not only does this area consistently rank among the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the US, but it also hosts a range of activities to ensure you get to see as much of its white sandy beaches and breathtaking views as possible. You’ll find that the water is teeming with various fish and other aquatic wildlife, making it perfect for a relaxing day casting a line and enjoy the view of the pristine blue waters before you. As well, if you rent a boat, you have access to all the typical water sports that accompany it such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and more! Further, you will find the area stretches out nearly 2,000 acres with four miles of trails for you to explore, and which will give you unforgettable views of coastal forests, scrub oaks, and magnolias. If you are looking for a more laid-back walk, then you’ll love the mile-long nature trail complete with benches to rest upon and take in the sight before you. Finally, while visiting you will see a host of wildlife when enjoying Florida sightseeing, including white-tailed deer, gray foxes, and even Florida black bears! So, come and see why Grayton Beach is so often placed among the best spots on 30A!

Camp Helen State Park

While you’re in Florida, it goes without saying that at some point you truly need to experience the beach and all the wonders it provides on its own apart from the joys of water play. You’ll find this beautiful area and beach is bordered by Lake Powell, the largest dune lake in Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico, making it not only a fun spot with phenomenal views but also a fascinating place to go experience the artful touch of nature’s creation. When you come, make sure you take the time to truly explore all the park and beach have to offer; at 180 acres, it’s likely you won’t know the meaning of boredom as you lie within its borders! You’ll find not only fabulous swimming spots but that the beach is perfect for beachcombing. Discover that little something of nature to bring home, whether it be a shell or intriguing piece of driftwood. You’ll find that there are plenty of areas to cast a line a relax as you wait for a fishy bite to happen, across both fresh water and saltwater areas! As you explore the area with the complimentary trail guide you picked up, you’ll see a range of different species of birds gliding through the air who call this little bit of nature home. You’ll see everything from kingfisher to terns, snowy plovers, osprey, and even bald eagles! While these are interesting enough, don’t keep your eyes upon the sky too much, as you might miss a chance to see the white-tailed deer, squirrels, opossums, and occasional black bear that live within the area. So, come to Camp Helen State Park and enjoy all the secrets the beach, waters, and forest have hidden deep within them waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to explore.

Longleaf Pine Trailhead

It goes without saying that the beach is a splendid place that one could easily spend a week at playing in the cool waters or relaxing upon sandy beaches. However, there is a certain mysterious, if not at times eerie beauty to the woods that cannot be matched by any other natural wonder. Longleaf Pine Trail is no exception with its pine trees that look as if they have stood here, guarding the area, since time first began. You’ll find this specific trail stretches out 4.1 miles and is good for any skill level and age as well as for watching the various wildlife go about their daily routine. Further, you’ll find that this hike is perfectly shaded, making it an ideal escape or stop on a warm sunny day. Thanks to the well-marked trail, there is also very little chance at getting lost, a relief for those who aren’t as familiar with the world of hiking as others. If you happen to spot an especially awe-inspiring view, make sure to take advantage of the benches scattered throughout so you can truly take it all in and enjoy every second of the trail. After all, is the journey not more important than the end result? While you walk, enjoy the views of pines and sturdy oaks with the occasional deer bounding into view as it shows off its graceful form. Upon reaching the waypoint, you can either turn back and return once more to the modern world or put that off and explore deeper into the woods of Florida. Strap on some boots, fill a water bottle, and see beautiful Florida in all its natural glory with some sightseeing in Florida!

Enjoy Sightseeing in Florida!

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