When we go on vacation, many times we aren’t satisfied seeing the same big brand chains that we usually frequent back home. We want to see those stores with oddities we may never get to see again. Plus, there is something fun about bouncing from one interesting shop to the next. If you can’t help but agree, make sure you read on about our choices for the top 5 best local only 30A shops!

Duckies Shop of Fun

When we are kids, we all dream of that special store that is just for us, where we can wander and explore all the fascinating toys and oddities that surround us. Well, that is exactly what Duckies is, and even if you are a full-grown adult, it still is worth the time to poke your head in—after all, it’s important to make sure that little kid that lives in us still has a chance to come out and play every now and then! You’ll also find that the store itself has a young innocent joy in of itself with bright colors and many sights and smells to get even the most hardened of adults excited. At Duckies, you will find a wide assortment of interesting things for kids, ranging from intriguing toys that will stand out amongst that back home to unique backpacks and more. Many of the toys and oddities you’ll find have the similar laid-back cool coastal theme that you’ll have experienced during your travels. So, if you have young ones, make sure to take them to a store all their own, and if it’s just adults, feel free to enter and let your inner child out at Duckies Shop of Fun!

Boca Boutique and Gallery

You’ll find many various boutiques dotted along 30A, but one that stands out is Boca Boutique and Gallery. Not only will you find a collection of elegant women’s clothing, but also a range of different art pieces made by both local and international artists alike. You’ll find a wide selection of jewelry that is quite unique and contrasts the chilled vibes that seem to cling to everything along the coast. You’ll find their jewelry has the sharp dark edges of the old gothic style, with a perfect touch of the curved elegance seen in modern designs which thus creates some beautiful pieces of jewelry that anyone is sure to love. You’ll also find a range of different clothes ranging from footwear to accessories, pants, and everything in between. You’ll find that many of their clothes are not only simplistically elegant, but also casual and comfy, making them the perfect outfits for a laid-back day or a run out for errands. So, come to Boca Boutique and Gallery and lose yourself amongst the beautiful clothing, stunning jewelry, and art.


One of the larger 30A shopping outfits, Lululemon is your go-to place for anything sportwear. Hosting a surprisingly large selection of different women’s wear, including legging, coats, jackets, bags, scarves, hats, etc., their selection isn’t any less extensive for the men, as you’ll find many of the same items as well as joggers, button downs, hoodies, trousers, gloves, and more. While sportswear might be their bread and butter, and what has made them known, you’ll find they also have a range of non-sports items such as beautiful dresses, skirts, coats, and more. You’ll be pleased to find that while their items are fairly simple and built for function while exercising rather looks, you’ll find they nonetheless manage to throw in a bit of flair and style, making their sportwear a must own. Not only do they have wearable items, but you’ll also find a variety of different sports equipment such as yoga mats and water bottles; you’ll even find a selection of different hair accessories! So, if you’re looking to do some hiking, running or similar, or if you are just curious, then make sure you check out Lululemon today!

Beau Interior

When one thinks of fun local 30A shops, many wouldn’t think of an interior decorating shop as a must visit stop. However, you would be do yourself a disservice if you skipped Beau Interior, as they have much more than just a few pieces of furniture and a tchotchke or two. Instead, you’ll find a wide selection of various items; if it can be used to give a home a bit more personality and flair, they have it! You will find everything from pillows to throw rugs, coasts, silverware, even hand towels. Surprisingly, they have many items that one wouldn’t expect for home interior such as unique souvenir gifts like 30A key chains, note cards, and hand towels. You’ll also find a selection of jewelry ranging from necklaces to bracelets. Their jewelry, while not studded with diamonds, is quite beautiful in a simplistic and traditional manner, making them all that much more unique and special. You’ll even find items such as candles, soaps, lotions, and other scents, truly making this local store a must stop if not just to see the wide range of products. So, add Beau Interior to your lists of must-see stores and end up coming home with the perfect souvenir of your travels!

30A Olive Co.

Finally, at our number one spot, we have a store that is quite unique in its own right and has taken its own unique spin on the long-held tradition of olive oil. At 30A Olive Co., you won’t just find your typical bottles of oil that can be found at any store. Rather, you’ll find a range of specialty items ranging from your classic olive oils to ones of black truffle, portobello mushroom garlic, basil, butter, chipotle, and even bacon! They aren’t just content to stick to oil, though, as you’ll also find a range of specialty vinegars such cherry, blueberry, chocolate, lavender and more! 30A Olive Co. truly like to go outside their comfort zone, and in addition to these cooking classics, they also have a range of spices, pastas, cakes, sea salts, and stuffed olives. If you have a special someone back home or are just looking to make a friend or family member’s day, make sure you check out their gift sets such as sets of oils, a bread dipping box, or even a gourmet popcorn kit! So, if you are looking for some fine cooking ingredients that are sure to have a flavor and power you won’t be able to find elsewhere, make sure you stop by 30A Olive Co.—though it might be wise to not to enjoy 30A shopping when hungry! If reading about any of these shops has you daydreaming of a Florida vacation, make sure you contact Five Star Properties today at (800)208-2324!