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14 Dec 2011
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U.S. News Travel recently ranked the top 8 beaches in Florida. Destin, Florida ranked 4th on that list. With about 1,200 miles of coastline, Florida is a year-round escape for many on the East Coast. Plus, the diversity of the shores -- from family-friendly to party hardy -- helps draw a variety of travelers. When making your decision about where to go, you should consider two general rules of Floridian geography: One, the farther south you head, the warmer, more tropical weather you'll encounter. And two, Gulf Coast water is usually calmer and warmer than the Atlantic Ocean. With those two tips (and our descriptions), you're ready to pick your next Florida beach vacation. Why Go: Midwestern and Southern families flock to "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village" for its white sands and frequent sunshine. Less tropical than other Florida hotspots, Destin sees seasonal shifts in the weather and tourist traffic. Temps, visitor volume and room rates are at their highest in the summer. However, Destin is one of Florida's most affordable beach towns at any time of the year. Click Here to Read the Entire Article

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