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13 Mar 2024
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The period from March to May is the ideal time to visit Destin if you're looking for favourable weather conditions. During this season, the temperature is comfortably warm without being too hot, and there's relatively low humidity. Additionally, it's a great time for outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing!

The amount of traffic in Destin is lower in the spring than in the summer, but there is still plenty to see and do, especially during spring break. 

Destin Commons is gearing up to host its annual Mac and Cheese Festival in March. Legendary Marine is also resuming its Coastal Distancing events, and there are plenty of other exciting events to look forward to in Destin, Florida during this time of the year. As the spring season is usually less crowded, locals often organize various events, golf tournaments and more. If you happen to be visiting during this time, you can join in on all the fun activities. You can find a list of events in March HERE.

The spring season offers lower rates on vacation rentals. Find the perfect beachfront house with a private pool, incredible kitchen, , in-home theaters, or allows pets! BOOK NOW to experience the beauty of Destin during spring.

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