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1 Dec 2011
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Destin has been become a much famed travel destination as far as spending beach vacations are concerned. Situated in Okaloosa County of Florida, Destin has been a center of attention for it's emerald-green waters and soft sand beaches. Located in the Northwest part of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is easily accessible to the Southeast. This location provides an easy drive from cities such as Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville, and Little Rock. Over the past few years these beaches have also drawn travelers from Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri by the thousands. The tourism has been a thriving business that has produced many jobs throughout the region. The real estate business has seen a large bounce and high demand since the days of the real estate crash in 2007. Many of the properties now being purchased are being turned into vacation rentals. These rentals offer families an opportunity to vacation together under one roof with the same amenities they have at home. Destin, FL rentals on the beach are available for those vacationers looking to stay directly on the beach. There are many advantages of staying in Destin on the beach. The house is always accessible for everyone staying with you. This affords everyone the opportunity to come and go from the beach at their leisure. Due to its beauty and charm of beach Destin has drawn many movie directors. A casual search can show exactly how many of them are filmed in Destin. One that can come to mind instantly is Jaws. Movies aside, people come Destin to make their own memories, fresh, crisp and refreshing as the gulf itself. Renting a Destin beach rental is the first step towards the dream. Once you have secured your Destin or 30A rental you can then begin planning your activities for the week. There are so many activities for people of all ages. You can enjoy a wide variety of water sports such as jet skiing, boating, diving, snorkeling, or paddle boarding. You can also enjoy many of the boutique shops and eclectic galleries found throughout the area. Destin is also well known for it's upscale eateries and fresh seafood. When planning for your next vacation make sure to think of Destin, Florida.

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