The Ultimate 30A Summer and Fall Guide

Travel looks different for adventurers of all types. For some, getting away from the stress of the daily grind and enjoying time a one-of-a-kind vacation revolves around towering mountains, time on the slopes, and fresh alpine powder in abundance. For others, the ideal vacation comes down to red rock canyons, sweeping desert landscapes, and options to take in sprawling canyons whenever the heart desires it. Still, others find their best vacation stride in a place where sugar-white sands and emerald waves collide seamlessly and if you fall into this category, there’s no better place to find yourself in the summer or fall than Florida’s fantastic stretch of coastline known and loved as 30A.

Integrated into the Emerald Coast, 30A has a way with inviting scenery and stunning options for fun that are truly unique. It’s a place that’s just as suited to adventure on the waves and sand as it is a place where you can find endless options for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Filled with fantastic food stops, shopping options, and places to explore nature at its finest, 30A is a vacation destination with no shortage of choices when it comes to customizing a 30A summer or fall getaway that exceeds expectations at every turn.

When you’re ready to get out of town and enjoy the vacation you deserve this summer or fall, the following are a few stops and activities that you’ll want to be sure to have on your itinerary. Including them all is a good way to elevate your experience from great to absolutely unforgettable! Don’t be surprised if your first visit here has you making plans to return year after year.

Things to Do While You’re Here from Bike Trails to Rare Dune Lakes

One of the true joys of visiting 30A in the summer or fall is the option to get out on two wheels and take in the endless lineup of stunning coastal views and communities that await. When you’re looking for a comprehensive route that gets you to all of those places you want to be, time on the 30A Bike Trail is a must while you’re in town. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in the company of family, this paved pathway is just the right place to accommodate cyclists of all ages and abilities. Covering 19 miles of ground, the 30A Bike Trail is an ideal route to follow when you’re looking to get a taste for adventure and pair it with purposeful stops at a variety of charming communities and towns along the way. The trail winds through lush terrain and offers up sweeping ocean views with plenty of lookouts for making the most of a photographic moment too. While 30A Bike Trail is a common reference, this trail is more formally known as the Timpoochee Trail, named for a Euchee Indian Chief who was highly influential in the region. The trail runs seamlessly between Dune Allen and Inlet Beach, making for a beautiful and inspiring ride no matter when you take to the pathway.

Another exciting activity to take part in while you’re visiting Florida’s 30A region is to explore one of the most prized possessions this area hosts…rare coastal dune lakes! Found only in a handful of other places across the planet, 30A is lucky enough to host a variety of coastal dune lakes which are well worth exploring while you’re here!

South Walton has 15 coastal dune lakes to its name which is a treasure as far as rare wonders go! Lake Powell is the largest and straddles both South Walton and Bay County. These unique lakes are thought to have originated in the region over 10,000 years ago and today, their freshwater sits only a few feet from salty Gulf waters and the only thing separating the two is a narrow berm of natural sand! When water levels rise and the water types mix for a limited amount of time, the dune lake becomes a place where salt and fresh water marine life can survive. Whether you take time to check out Western Lake, Eastern Lake, Deer Lake, Oyster Lake, or one of the many other options it’s sure to be an incredible experience. Bring your camera and capture these bodies of water in all of their natural splendor or rent a paddleboard for the day and head out onto the waves for a closer look at these Florida treasures.

On-The-Water Fun

The waters that lap the shoreline of 30A are teeming with a wide variety of fish species. For experienced anglers, this is the ideal destination to get out on the water, cast a line and see what can be reeled in. It’s also a great place to try fishing for the first time if it’s something you’re not as familiar with. 30A hosts a number of local fishing charter companies that are happy to help guests customize their time on the water, teach the basics, and provide all of the gear and supplies you might need to make it an amazing day out on the open water. 30A Fishing Charters, 30A Inshore Charters, and Santa Rosa Charters LLC are just a few places to consider starting with while you’re in town. While you’re out, there’s a good chance you’ll get a bite from species ranging from red snapper to, amberjack, cobia, tarpon, king mackerel, redfish, and beyond!

When you’re looking for a more leisurely approach to time on the waters that surround 30a, renting a Pontoon boat is always a fun idea. Head over to Inlet Beach Pontoon Rental in Rosemary Beach when you’re looking to partner with a rental company that prioritizes options, quality, and convenience too. Located at 121 Firefly Way, Inlet Beach Pontoon Rental is proud to offer guests options ranging from more traditional Pontoon boats to those that are tri-level, include waterslides, or have wonderfully modern interiors, perfect for an on-the-water party with friends!

If you’re ready to take things up a notch and are interested in observing a variety of watery local ecosystems in a truly unique style, pairing up with the professionals at 30A Airboat Adventures is sure to be an inspiring choice for all involved! Located in Santa Rosa Beach, 30A Airboat Adventures is a premier provider of outdoor recreation opportunities and offers up river tour options through South Walton that are exceptional and one-of-a-kind. Wildlife and lush landscapes are on full display as you make your way along the Choctawhatchee River at a thrilling clip alongside your knowledgeable and friendly guide. He or she will take time to point out interesting wildlife, plants, and ecosystems along the way that make South Walton an oasis of natural beauty.

Family-Friendly Activities

If you happen to be in 30A with the entire family in tow, including little ones with varying attention spans, finding activities that cater to travelers of all types is more important than ever on your summer or Florida fall escape this direction. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for fun that promise to be as educational as they are engaging. Among them is the chance to plan a safe and exciting beach bonfire on a stretch of coastline that meets your preferences! The team at 30A Blaze is happy to meet you where you’re at with the correct permits and bonfire gear in hand to make it an amazing and family-friendly experience you won’t soon forget. Settle into provided chairs around a large fire and roast up marshmallows in style. This company even handles fire setup and breakdown making the whole experience as convenient as it is captivating.

A stop at Gilbert Glassworks in Santa Rosa Beach is an inspiring family-friendly stop when you’re looking to infuse some creativity into your 30A getaway experience. Run by owner and artist Russ Gilbert, this locale is both a gallery of Gilbert’s own glass art as well as a studio that hosts family-friendly glass-making classes! Right on-site you’ll receive hands-on instruction as to how to bring your own colorful creations to life. Kiln-formed glass, glass blowing, and flamework all fall within the instruction category, and lessons can be tailored to fit age level and experience.

The Best of Beaches for the 30A Summer or Fall

It’s really hard to imagine a trip to 30A in the 30A summer or fall without some serious time dedicated to making the most of the area’s beautiful and iconic beaches! While there are so many to choose from, heading over to Dune Allen Beach is always a good place to start. This stretch of coastline is particularly pristine and popular amongst visitors and locals alike. Whether your plans include sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, or simply sitting back and taking it all in leisurely, it’s time well-spent.

Seagrove Beach is another beautiful choice when you’re looking to enjoy the shoreline and you’re looking for perhaps a more laidback atmosphere to savory. An integral part of the community of Seagrove, this beach sits close to a city center that features charming and towering oak trees and magnolias paired with cute restaurants, cafes, and shops to enjoy. Seagrove Beach is a great place to take a stroll on the sand or rent a bike and hit the surrounding trails which promise to inspire the senses.

Coastal Community Walk-Throughs

If you find yourself in 30A and have an innate passion for architecture and design, a visit to Seaside promises to be a highlight of your getaway. This idyllic destination has prime waterfront parameters but beyond the sand and sea, many visitors are mesmerized by the town’s unique and almost picturesque style! New Urbanism is featured at its finest in Seaside and strolling through, visitors will have the chance to admire pastel-façade homes surrounded by white picket fences and paired with elegant seaside pavilions where a picnic lunch is calling your name. Between the cobblestone streets and cozy storefronts, it’s easy to see why an afternoon in Seaside can turn into a full day of fun.

Restaurants to Enjoy

When it comes to any vacation anywhere in the world, having a few savory stops on your must-try list only makes the experience better and a summer or fall getaway to 30A is no exception to that rule. When you’re in the mood for some spectacular seafood paired with impeccable views, a meal enjoyed at George’s at Alys Beach is the perfect plan. Located at 30 Castle Harbour Drive, this upscale seafood restaurant puts incredible finishing touches on fresh-caught fare while providing options for indoor and outdoor patio dining alike. Coastal style and global influence collide seamlessly on each and every plate and as an added bonus, guests will find that service here is always wonderfully friendly and welcoming!

Photo Credit: The Pearl RB

For a more laid-back vibe that’s vibrant and just as savory, a stop at the Havana Beach Bar & Grill is always a good choice. This Rosemary Beach hot spot is located at 63 Main Street and serves up new American fare in fun and colorful style! It’s a great place to grab a cocktail with friends and find yourself lingering longer than you planned.

Places to Stay in 30A

30A is a vast and inviting destination to explore and knowing you have accommodations booked that keep you close to the fun while including luxurious details too can make all the difference. When you’re ready to enjoy a getaway this direction, the property professionals at Five Star Properties are here to help. We have a wide variety of rental options across 30A that fit traveler needs and exceed expectations at every turn. From cozy beachside abodes to sprawling residences that feature multiple levels, upscale amenities and luxurious features that are sure to inspire, it’s easy to make a stay your very own when you book with Five Star Properties.

There’s never been a better time to travel to 30A and when you’re ready to turn plans into a reality, having a team of professionals on your side is a good start to an unforgettable trip. Reach out today to learn more about our many options and to begin planning your summer or Florida fall 30A adventure!

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