The Best Destin Rentals For Family Reunions In Destin And 30A

If you’re planning a family reunion, there’s no better place to go than Destin or 30A. However, instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, you can stay in one (or two) of Five Star Properties’ large homes. We have homes that can sleep up to 44 guests, so everyone can stay in the same house. We also have tons of homes within close proximity to one another, so you can stay in neighboring houses in the same beach community. Check out some of our top picks for family reunions in Destin and 30A!

1. Luna Sol


Sleeping a total of 44 guests, Luna Sol is one of the best places to book if you’re planning a family reunion. This estate is actually a two-sided home, so it’s perfect for multiple families. Each side of the home can sleep up to 22 guests and each side has their own pool, living area, and kitchen. Additionally, this home is great for families traveling with guests with handicap needs because there’s an in-home elevator. It’s also pet-friendly and can accommodate up to two dogs! To top it all off, Luna Sol is also beachfront and guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the gulf throughout the entire house.

2. Slainte and Paradise Found

Slainte and Paradise Found are great homes for families to stay in if they are planning a family reunion. These homes are located a few steps away from each other in Seagrove Beach. Between the two homes, they sleep a total of 46 guests, so they’re a great option for big family get-togethers.


Slainte is another word in Ireland for “Cheers,” so it’s no surprise that guests staying here are in for a fun trip. This home has six bedrooms and six bathrooms and sleeps a total of 16 guests. It also has a beautiful private pool and spa and lovely gulf views throughout the house.

Paradise Found


Paradise Found is another stunning home in Seagrove Beach. This lakefront property is only a few homes away from Slainte, which makes it perfect for families traveling together for a family reunion trip. Like Slainte, it also has its own private pool and spa as well as gulf views. Additionally, Paradise Found has eight bedrooms and can sleep up to 20 guests.

3. Not The Norm

Located in Miramar Beach, this beautiful gulf-front home can sleep up to 27 guests. Additionally, with 14 parking spots, this home is perfect for multiple families vacationing here. Between the 11 bedrooms, there’s also plenty of space for everyone on your next family reunion. Not The Norm is also pet-friendly with a private pool and spa. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with this luxurious home.

4. Bella Vizio and Sanctuary at Frangista Beach

Bella Vizio and Sanctuary at Frangista Beach are two gulf-front homes in Miramar Beach that are within steps from one another. Just a few homes apart, these houses are the perfect option for large families traveling together. Between the two homes, they can sleep 34 guests.

Bella Vizio

Bella Vizio is an awesome beachfront home on Scenic Hwy 98. With five bedrooms, this home sleeps eighteen guests. It also has a splash pool and in-home elevator. The gulf views from this home are also unbelievably beautiful.

Sanctuary at Frangista Beach


Sanctuary at Frangista Beach is located just a few homes away from Bella Vizio. It’s also a beachfront home located on Scenic Hwy 98. With seven bedrooms, Sanctuary at Frangista Beach sleeps 16 guests. It also has its own in-home elevator, gulf-front private pool, and spa tub.

5. The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic is a beautiful Crystal Beach home located in the heart of Destin. This incredible eight-bedroom home can sleep up to 32 guests, which makes it wonderful for family reunions. This home also has amazing amenities like a resort-style pool and hot tub, game room with bar and pool table, in-home elevator, and rooftop deck. It’s also only a three-minute walk to the beach and a quick drive away from the Destin Commons.

6. Ocean Paradise and Bella Luna

Ocean Paradise and Bella Luna are two beautiful homes located extremely close to each other in the exclusive gated community of Destiny by the Sea. These two gulf-front homes can accommodate 25 guests between the two. However, all the homes in Destiny by the Sea are very close to one another, so if you’re looking for more homes within a short walking distance from each other, you should look at this neighborhood.

Ocean Paradise

 homes with rooftop decks in destin

Ocean Paradise is an incredible beachfront home in Destiny by the Sea. It’s a few steps away from Bella Luna, which makes it perfect for family reunions. With four bedrooms, this home can sleep ten guests. In addition, it also has an incredible rooftop deck with a rooftop pool and an in-home elevator.

Bella Luna


Located extremely close to Ocean Paradise, Bella Luna is another incredible beachfront home in Destiny by the Sea. This beautiful estate has a breathtaking design with custom murals and paintings throughout the house. Between the four bedrooms, this home sleeps 15 guests. All homes in Destiny by the Sea also have access to the luxurious community pool.

7. WaterColor Reunions

WaterColor Reunions is a magnificent home along 30A that’s ideal for your 30A family reunion trip. This stunning seven bedroom vacation home can accommodate up to 23 guests and it’s pet-friendly. In addition to having access to WaterColor’s community pool and tennis courts, this home also has its own private pool, hot tub, and game room. Overall, you can’t go wrong staying at this huge house on your next family reunion trip.

8. Lilly Pad and DaShells30A

Lilly Pad and DaShells30A are both located in Dune Allen Beach in the 30A area. They’re extremely close to one another, which makes them perfect for families on a family reunion trip together. Between the two homes, they sleep 22 people comfortably. Both homes are also right across the street from the beach and just a few steps away from each other.

Lilly Pad


Lilly Pad is a charming lakefront home in Dune Allen Beach. It’s only a couple houses down from DaShells30A and it’s right across the street from the beach. This three-bedroom lakehouse can sleep up to eight guests comfortably and it’s also pet-friendly. The home also has new appliances and beautiful gulf views.


DaShells30A is only a couple homes away from Lilly Pad, which makes it perfect for families traveling together that don’t want to book one huge home. DaShells30A is located just across the street from the Dune Allen Beach public beach access, so it has remarkable unobstructed gulf views. It also has a private pool and spa. Additionally, with six bedrooms, this pet-friendly home can sleep up to 14 guests.

9. St. Bart’s Getaway Bellissimo

St. Bart’s Getaway and Bellissimo are two homes in another luxurious neighborhood in Destin, Destiny East. These beautiful homes are located steps away from each other, which makes them ideal for family reunions. Between the two homes, they sleep 33 guests. Like Destiny by the Sea, Destiny East also has a lot of homes that are close to one another, so check out this area for more homes. Destiny East also has a community pool, hot tub, and tennis court.

St. Bart’s Getaway

St. Bart’s Getaway is a lovely vacation home with five bedrooms, sleeping 18 guests. With a private pool, in-home elevator, and game room, this home has all the essentials for your next family reunion. It’s also very close to Bellissimo, so if you’re entire family can’t fit in just one home, you can split up between two neighboring houses.


Bellissimo is another stunning property in Destiny East. With four bedrooms, this home can sleep 15 guests. Like St. Bart’s Getaway, Bellissimo also has a private pool, lavish decor, and high-end furniture. Another great thing about these two homes are their close proximity to the Crab Trap Restaurant in Destin and the public beach access.

10. Big House by the Sea

Located in one of Destin’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Destiny West, Big House by the Sea is perfect for a family reunion. This huge eight-bedroom house sleeps upwards of 30 guests and has plenty of cool features that will make your next family reunion a blast. This home has a huge 50 ft pool with a jacuzzi and a sunk-in picnic table. It’s also complete with an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Inside, there’s also a game room and an in-home elevator. Only a three-minute walk from the beach, the community of Destiny West also has a community pool, tennis courts, and an exercise facility. If you’re looking for more homes in the neighborhood for your trip, most of the homes are pretty close together, so it would be easy for you to stay in separate houses, but still be close to one another.

Head to the beach for your next family reunion and stay in a Five Star home! For more homes that accommodate 20 or more guests click here. However, don’t forget that you can also check out homes in Destiny by the Sea, Destiny East, and Destiny West if you’d like to stay in neighboring houses on your trip instead of one. Family reunions in Destin or 30A are ones you’ll never forget!

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