Savoring every moment of a getaway to Destin, Florida isn’t hard to do. This sunny locale on the coast brings visitors the very best of white sand beaches, blue skies, and turquoise waves practically designed by nature to inspire. While the on-land activities in Destin are plentiful, those that prefer to spend time exploring underwater will find that Destin is a dream come true for Destin snorkeling opportunities. When you’re here to see what’s below the waves, keep these stops top of mind.

Pelican Adventures

Even the most experienced snorkeler can benefit from a guided experience in Destin and when you’re looking to partner with the professionals, start with Pelican Adventures. Book their Destin Jetty tour is particularly intriguing, especially for those snorkelers who are excited to encounter a wide variety of marine life along the way. The Destin Jetty is a man-made rock wall but has become a home to creatures ranging from hermit crabs and blue crabs to pufferfish and dolphin pods that roam near the area.

Henderson Beach State Park

Many visitors to Destin set their sights on Henderson Beach State Park in the name of hiking the trails or taking to the sand to work on a tan. However, for the avid snorkeler, this area offers up clear water that’s perfect for exploring. Beneath the waves, Henderson Beach State Park is a home to Loggerhead sea turtles, making for an exceptionally exciting moment if you happen to spot one. The fact that spots for snorkeling in Destin at this park are surrounded by impressive sand dunes makes the appeal of Henderson Beach State Park that much more thrilling.

Scuba Tech

Whether you’re planning on booking a snorkel tour during your journey or heading out solo in search of adventure, make sure to stop by Suba Tech before you go. This dive shop is the ideal place to find everything in the way of Destin snorkeling gear, apparel, and accessories to make your time in Destin truly seamless. Scuba Tech is located at 301 Harbor Boulevard and the on-site staff are always ready and willing to help make recommendations on their name-brand options.

Enjoy the Best of Snorkeling in Destin

Take time to unwind, whether it’s on land or under the sea, and make sure you have accommodations to match the adventure by booking with Five Star Properties. Contact our team today to begin turning your travel plans into a reality in sunny Florida.

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