With its mesmerizing landscape complete with chalk-white beaches, turquoise waves, and palm tree-dotted shorelines, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic vacation destination than Destin, Florida. Couples from across the country and globe are drawn here in the name of a getaway that provides the scenery and fun that makes a romantic escape unforgettable. Whether you’re a romantic pair that prefers to taste their way through new destinations or a couple that can’t wait to spend all their time on the water, Destin is filled with options that are sure to please. Here are a few ideas for taking your Destin romantic getaway to the next level of exceptional!

Take a Moonlight Beach Walk

Destin is a destination that’s known for its inviting and scenic beaches. While these sandy stretches of shoreline may be packed during the day, couples looking to make the most of this romantic thing to do in Destin by the water will want to wait until the evening hours to enjoy a moonlight beach walk while they’re in town. Henderson Beach State Park in particular offers up some spectacular scenery as well as plenty of space to stroll. If you happen to be a couple headed this way that finds their bonding moments with boots laced up hitting the hiking trails in style, Henderson Beach State Park is also the perfect place to combine your beach walk with an inspiring nature trek. This park is home to the Henderson Beach Nature Trail which is a mile of pathway filled with opportunities to enjoy the sight of lush foliage and towering dunes. If you happen to have a passion for bird spotting, this is the place to indulge your hobby. Make sure you each have your binoculars with you as the Henderson Beach Nature Trail is a great place to spot both local and migratory birds throughout the year!

Enjoy a Sunset Cruise

The team at Destin Dolphin Cruise located on Harbor Boulevard is well-versed in the ways of romantic sailing adventures and couples hoping to enjoy the sunset from the waves can book a cruise that combines it all. Bright colored skies and beautiful weather aren’t hard to find on these cruises which can also include dolphin spotting upon request. If you’re more excited about a daytime cruise which can be just as a romantic thing to do in Destin, it’s important to note that Destin Dolphin Cruises are available daily Mid-March through October and can be booked anywhere between 8:00 am and sunset.

Destin Snorkel

For some couples, their bond is only made stronger by time spent together under the waves, getting up close with marine life that’s truly one of a kind. The waters that surround Destin are home to a multitude of tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and beyond. When you just can’t wait to enjoy the sights of these incredible creatures and share a passion for the water, be sure to book a snorkeling excursion with Destin Snorkel. This company specializes in customized tours around Destin and beyond, offering up options to personalize your experience according to interest, timeframe, and skill level. Whether you’re looking for a quick excursion or can’t wait to spend hours on end exploring and discovering this underwater world, Destin Snorkel might just be your most romantic tour yet!

Rent a Kayak for Two

If you’re a couple that prefers to leave the guide far behind and simply set your sights on the watery horizons together, consider making time for a romantic kayaking trip for two by renting a vessel for the day. Emerald Coast Kayaks is a great place to start when you’re looking for quality kayaks that can be customized to your travel plans. Whether you’re planning on combining your time on the water with fishing or just hoping to paddle your way through a sunny day, Emerald Coast Kayaks is sure to have something in stock that fits your every need.

Stroll the Destin Harbor Boardwalk

Sometimes you don’t have to be hidden away on a secluded beach under a fiery sunset to find your romantic moment. For the couple that enjoys the hustle and bustle of cultural centers paired with fantastic views, strolling along the Destin Harbor Boardwalk might be the best part of your romantic journey. This exciting and vibrant area in the city is a great place to stroll hand in hand and enjoy the sights of the boats sailing by. In the afternoon hours, the boardwalk is bustling with shoppers and diners making the most of the stores, bars, and restaurants that line this area. Take time to unwind, enjoy some retail therapy, or settle in for a quick bite while enjoying people-watching together. Whatever you choose to do, couples that are looking to capture the essence of the destination will find much to fall in love with at Destin Harbor Boardwalk.

Book a Destin Trip Today and Enjoy These Romantic Things to Do in Destin

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