The New Year’s holiday can be a refreshing time on the calendar when you’re able to close the book on the previous 12 months and set your sights firmly on the new chapter ahead. While January 1st is notorious for its chilly weather in many places across the map, those looking to start the New Year on a warmer note with plenty of options for fun too should consider making their way to Florida’s scenic 30A this year! Complete with white sand beaches and blue waves, guests can make the most of outdoor fun during a visit this way, and truly design a start to a new year that they deserve. Here are a few options to include on your itinerary when your travel plans bring you this way for the 30A New Year.

Explore the 30A Bike Trail

There’s nothing better than exploring the beauty of 30A on two wheels and no place better to that while you’re in town for New Year’s than along the 30A Bike Trail. Frequently referred to as the Timpoochee Trail, guests will find that this 19-mile stretch of paved pathway is ideal for soaking up your surroundings which include everything from beach and wave views to towering trees and rolling landscapes. Stop and admire coastal dune lakes along this route that connects a number of the charming coastal communities that make up the greater 30A area. Savor Time in Point Washington State Forest Making the most of amazing weather is a big draw for travelers that head to 30A over the 30A New Year’s holiday. A great route to savoring the warm temperatures is to lace up your hiking boots and enjoy time trekking through Point Washington State Forest. This sprawling 15,400 acres of protected land is a prime place for bird watching and wildlife spotting. When you’re looking to cover more land in less time, consider taking to this state forest by vehicle in a four-wheel-drive model that can handle some dynamic twists and turns!

Kick-Back in Seaside

The architectural style known as New Urbanism defines Seaside and makes it an idyllic destination when you’re looking to simply kick back, relax, and enjoy some incredible views along 30A. Between the cobblestone streets, white picket fences, and pastel-covered homes that make up this community, it’s easy to feel you’ve stepped into some kind of fairy tale. Enjoy settling in at one of the many inviting pavilions that sit along the shoreline and spend time pondering your resolutions for the new year on 30A as the waves roll gently by.

Savor the New Years on 30A Experience

Enjoy your 30A getaway begins with booking just the right accommodations. Contact Five Star Properties today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of rentals in the area and the additional services we provide. We can’t wait to see you in sunny Florida!