We’ve all been to the big chain restaurants. However, when we go on vacation, we are doing so to enjoy things we normally wouldn’t at home. This can include dining as well. When you go out, you want to try those places you’ll never get to again, as they are truly one of a kind and a staple of the area’s culture and identity. While you’re traveling along 30A, make sure you keep in mind our top picks for the best local only 30A restaurants!

Meltdown on 30A

We all know the classic grilled cheese, the crunchy sandwich with its cheesy insides stretched out to infinity as we take a much-anticipated bite. Well, Meltdown on 30A takes this lunchtime classic and provide their own unique twist upon it. For instance, you might enjoy their grilled cheese with smoked turkey or baloney. Perhaps you might enjoy a grilled cheese stuffed to the brim with sloppy joe meat, or even strawberries and goat cheese! As you can see, they truly aren’t serving your typical cheesy meal. Not only do you get a unique and delightful sandwich, but you’ll find that each one is completely homemade and created with the freshest of local ingredients. If you are truly looking for someplace unique that will always stick out as a fun and interesting stop, make sure you check out Meltdown on 30A!

Beach and Brew on 30A

Who doesn’t enjoy sipping on a nice cold beer after a long day exploring the sands, while your own party’s laughter and voices add to those already drifting through the air of the fun and inviting taproom? If you agree with this statement, make sure you check out Beach and Brew on 30A! This beer garden prides itself on their diverse stock of different brews for you to try and fall in love with. You’ll find that their taproom has 30 different choices ranging from the smooth and slightly sweet to the bold and hoppy, ensuring that connoisseurs and normal beer lovers alike will find something to please their palate. You’ll find, at this restaurant in 30A, such beers as the First Light of Day (a golden ale), as well as the Tank #7 (a farmhouse Saison), the Emerald Coast Colsch, the Category 5 (a DIPA) and many others! You’ll be able to enjoy their magnificent selection of brews in either a pint, half pint or they even offer growlers to go! For those who might not be so into the fine flavors of beer can still enjoy a glass of their various wines, or even enjoy a non-alcoholic drink, for this reason, you’ll find that they are quite family friendly and even are more than willing to let your furry little companions come along for the experience. So, why not head to Beach and Brew on 30A, grab a pint, and let the hours drift away as you lose yourself in lively chit chat and friendly company.

Chanticleer Eatery

If you are looking for a good solid lunch and a meal to remember, then make sure you stop by Chanticleer Eatery who has been honored enough to receive a variety of awards from TripAdvisor over the years. Monday through Friday you can enjoy a remarkably good lunch consisting of a variety of options. You’ll find meals for the full table including Chanticleer Calamari, Triple Pork Nachos, Chicken Bruschetta Flatbread, and more! However, they also offer a range of individual entrees as well including a plate of spicy, yet flavorful jambalaya, sweet pulled pork, a savory Reuben and even the classic club sandwich. If you find yourself visiting them on Thursday or Friday, then make sure you check out their dinner options which have even more options for to delve into. You’ll find a new variety of table options such as Crab cakes or Chanticleer Caprese. For the individual, you’ll find a selection of entrees such as an 18 oz Prime Rib cooked to perfection, a juicy and flavorful 14 oz ribeye, as well as Chicken and Rice, BBQ Burger, and a selection of veggie options for the vegetarians amongst us. So, if you’re looking to have award-winning food that is sure to have you come back on your next visit, make sure you stop by Chanticleer Eatery!

Café Thirty-A

We all enjoy a good, artistically crafted meal. However, sometimes we don’t want to get all dressed up to enjoy a fine dining experience. That’s where places like Café Thirty-A come in, as they have all the elegance and flair of fine dining, but in a relaxed casual environment where you can be yourself. This is not to mention that they also have a variety of different menu options, all of which are so perfectly cooked and plated they look as if they were sculpted by an artist rather than the hands of a chef. You’ll find a selection of small plates including Tuna Poke, P.E.I Saffron Mussels, and grilled Georgia Quail. For those looking for a lighter option, they have a wide variety of different salads ranging from their local hydro salad to their fried oyster spinach one! You’ll also find a selection of fine main courses such as the classic and much sought-after grilled Filet Mignon, Main Lobster in Paradise, the good old Southern Shrimp and Grits, Tandoori Salmon and much more! As well, if you happen to be visiting on a special occasion, make sure you inquire about their hosting ability, as they are more than willing to let you rent out this 30A restaurant for seating of 150-250, or even a buffet reception for 250 people! If you’re not looking to host that big and grand a gala, you might like their Fishbone reception room, which is perfect for parties of 25-80 and includes a full private bar! So, if you are looking for some artfully prepared food that is as delicious as it is beautiful but want to enjoy it all in the comfort of a casual environment, make sure you stop by Café Thirty-A!

Roux 30A

While there are times in which we want a casual laid back experience, there are others where you truly do want to have an elegant night on the town, after all it is fun to dress up every now and then. Well, if you’re looking for a truly elegant, classy, and intimate dining experience, make sure you stop by Roux 30A! They only seat a limited number of people each night, so make sure you call well in advance for a reservation. However, it’s easy to see why they are so desired as a meal with them truly is an experience. Guests will be presented with a six-course tasting menu, including a range of different courses that will have you getting a well-rounded tour of the flavors of the world. A sample menu gives one a good idea of the luxurious foods one will enjoy while dining with 30A. You’ll find Charred Blood Orange Salad, Prince Edwards Island Mussels, 1855 Black Angus Ribeye, Dark Chocolate Torte and more! Their 1,200-square-foot dining area is inspired by coastal themes and colors and lit to create a romantic and truly intimate environment in which one can truly lose themselves in the company of their significant other, or perhaps group of rather close friends. As well, you will all enjoy the flavors of the absolute highest quality ingredients which makes their meals all the more special. Keep an eye on their website, as they offer a range of cooking and wine classes through the week! So, put on your best clothes, grab a chair in the dimly lit dining area, and dig into a bit of edible art at Roux 30A.

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