Getting out of town and having the chance to focus on the fun instead of daily responsibilities is always something travelers can look forward to. Making it all that much more exciting is knowing you’re headed to delightful Destin, Florida as your vacation destination. This beautiful locale is loved for its shoreline fun, outdoor recreation options, and fine dining and shopping centers too! No matter what your itinerary includes, making time to make the most of the sights is always a must. When you’re looking to find beautiful views that are sure to inspire, they’re never very far away. The following are the top five Destin sightseeing spots for earning a gorgeous view in Destin that you won’t want to miss while you’re in town.

Destin Harbor Boardwalk

For many, the idea of a gorgeous view enjoyed on a Destin getaway is one that encompasses plenty of sand, sea, and sky. While it’s true that are a multitude of sightseeing Destin FL places in the area where one could enjoy exactly that, an equally inspiring vantage point can be found at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. Yes, it’s entirely possible to spend time watching the boats sail by from this vibrant Destin-based hot spot, but the best view happens when you settle in at one of the outdoor patios or benches and simply look around. The collection of restaurants and shops that make up the Destin Harbor Boardwalk are colorful, captivating, often topped with twinkling bistro lights, and endlessly charming. You’ll hear the sound of visitors and locals wandering through and sometimes if you’re lucky, there will be live music playing too. The result of it all? A gorgeous view of Destin that you won’t soon forget.

Norriego Point

Between East Pass and Destin Harbor, Norriego Point stretches out into the blue water and is love for being an off-the-beaten path beach destination that those looking for a quieter shoreline experience value. It’s also a pristine piece of land that shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking to make the most of the scenery. The sugar-white sands at Norriego Point stand in lovely contrast to the deep blue surrounding waters and sky on a clear day. Grab your camera and capture the colors on film, or simply settle into the sand and enjoy it to the fullest. Either way, it’s well worth your while.

Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant

If you’re the type of traveler that can’t wait to take time to pair an amazing meal with a gorgeous view, Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant is a one-stop shop to make the most of it all. The location at the end of the peninsula is the perfect place to order fresh-caught fare of the day, match it with a handcrafted cocktail and take in the waterfront vista that awaits too. This casual, welcoming stop is a wonderful place to indulge your tastebuds and just as effective at offering up scenery that’s designed by nature to inspire.

Henderson Beach State Park

When your idea of the ideal view involves an immersive natural experience to go with it, heading to Henderson Beach State Park for sightseeing in Destin FL is a must! This sprawling area of protected shoreline is a favorite among locals and visitors alike with good reason. Between the pristine beach, towering dunes, intriguing hiking trails and space that beckons to amazing wildlife as well, there’s no shortage of gorgeous views waiting to be found. Whether you’re here to hike, bike, swim, sunbathe or bird watch, you can count on a beautiful view being a part of your day’s itinerary.

A Sail Destin Sunset Cruise

Of all the views waiting to be enjoyed across sunny Destin, Florida, there’s something unmatched about a sunset view that’s offered up from a vantage point on the waves. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you book your place on a sunset cruise with the team at Sail Destin. This premier provider of outdoor adventurers is known for their quality sunset cruises above all else. Each cruise encompasses 2.5 hours of time during which guests can settle in and watch the colors begin to paint the sky overhead. It’s an experience you’ll want to have a camera ready for and one that you’ll likely be eager to repeat at least once before you return home.

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