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Henderson Beach Villas

Traveling around the world and exploring different places is on the bucket list of most people. After all, you were not born just to pay bills, remit taxes, and leave. In life, there comes a time when you feel you need a break from the normal routine for a much-deserved vacation. We at Five Star Properties have the perfect escape route that guarantees an extraordinary experience. It involves a trip to the Northwestern part of Florida, a city called Destin. Waking up by the beachside every morning is one of the things to enjoy. Thanks to our Henderson Beach villas, you now have a place to call home while the holiday lasts. From rooftop pools to elegant décor, here’s what to expect from our Henderson Beach villas.

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Unending Entertainment

Who doesn’t like to be entertained in this day and age? Henderson Beach villas are designed to be an entertainment hub and have lived up to that billing. Each of our rooms is fitted with a full-house sound system. If you are a music addict, then you have found the right place to be. The music here is served soft and nice. There is no limitation on to what extent you can increase the volume. However, you need to have decorum the same way you would in your house. The best part is that no amount of sound will be too loud. Our walls have preinstalled soundproofing materials that keep all that noise inside your room. Apart from the musical experience, we also have a theatre waiting for you. Each of our units has a movie theatre complete with a raised seating arrangement and full projection. After a day of activities out there on the beach, grab some popcorn and enjoy your movie from our padded couches. Tune the sound system to suit your needs and be entertained all night long.

Elegant Décor

If you are looking for a holiday home that ticks all the right boxes in matters of décor, then look no further. Our Henderson Beach villas have you covered. Our units are nothing like the ordinary holiday rentals out there. To us, detail is key. The walls are painted with a white color that makes the rooms feel more spacious. Our interior design has been done by professionals paying attention even to the slightest details. Instead of the usual marble floors, we’ve opted for hardwood flooring. The brownish color of the floor blends well with the white on the walls for a more satisfying finish. As part of the elegant design and décor, we have extended gulf-fronted patios on all units. These patios give you a wide view of the Florida coast as well as serve you some fresh air. Besides, the general arrangement of the house blends with the positioning of the kitchen, bedroom, and sitting room showing how well the Henderson Beach villa rentals plan was thought.

State-of-the-Art Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The positioning of the kitchen dictates the design of other rooms. Our kitchens are designed with the concept of modern-day homes in mind. It is an open kitchen for that matter. Our kitchens at our Henderson Beach villas are elegantly designed to reflect all the needs of a modern home. At one end of the kitchen are functional appliances including a microwave, a fridge, a coffee maker, and a toaster, among others. With all these appliances at your disposal, you cannot make any excuses for failing to prepare your meals. Also, there is a continuous gas supply, so there’s no need to worry about that. On the other side of the kitchen are neatly polished custom cabinets. Here, you will find a wide variety of crockery to help in your culinary adventures. The kitchen has plenty of space to explore with the floor being made from a combination of marble, quartz, and quartzite for a stylish look.

Heated Rooftop Pools

Swimming is an art we all love. It is for that reason that we serve it double dose in most of our rentals. On days when the ocean doesn’t appease you, you can find your way to the rooftop, there is something more spectacular waiting for you up there. It is not every other day you come across a vacation home with a swimming facility on the rooftop. Each of our units has a private pool where you go soak and rejuvenate. Besides, it isn’t just an ordinary pool. It is a heated pool that offers multiple advantages to your well-being. They are a great way for unclogging your skin pores. In short, basking up there feels more like a therapy session in a steam spa. Apart from the pool, the rooftop has a lounging area that includes a covered cabana. When your room gets too boring, use the elevator to get to the rooftop for some fresh air.

Enough Parking Space

Americans have gotten used to the idea of paid parking. Our goal at Five Star Properties is to provide enough free parking whenever possible. With Henderson Beach villa rentals, you don’t need to worry much about where to leave your car. We have 25 parking units destined within the premises. Even if you decided to bring all your squad, you can be sure there will be enough parking space for all. Have you been to places where your door is banged every morning to create space for someone who wants to drive out? Our parking is designed in such a way that all the 25 cars can enter and leave independently. Best still, there is a parking assistant to help you park appropriately.

Private Beachfront

The number one reason why you are camping in this part of Florida is to unwind at the coast. There would be no coastal experience if you are denied access to the beach. In this case, we give you more than just a beach experience. You have an entire private beachfront just for you. If you have been to a public beach, then you can attest to the fact that these spaces can sometimes be a nuisance. The congestion that comes with these public beaches is no longer something to worry you. With our properties, you have unlimited access to the beach area. When you feel like you need to catch some salty water, step out and do yourself some justice. This part of the world is safe for swimming and basking by the shore without the risks of shark attacks.

Easy Access

Imagine being subjected to multiple staircases in a bid to access your room on the highest floor. We understand how it feels to climb all those stairs every time. There are electronic elevators to facilitate your movement across various sections of our rentals. Whether it is from your room to the ground floor, or from the ground to the rooftop, both directions are applicable. With such easy movement, you have every reason to book with us and enjoy all that the East Coast has to offer.

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If you are planning a trip down the East Coast any time, our Henderson Beach villas are the place to be. From our private beachfronts and glass-sliding windows to elegant designs and unending entertainment, there is a lot to enjoy. Contact us today for comfortable and luxurious accommodation.