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Homeschooling has been around for years, but in 2020, students who never expected to be utilizing online educational platforms suddenly found it a requirement to keeping up with classes. As learners of all ages moved from traditional schools to at-home studies, it quickly became apparent to families across the map that the space they had available just wasn’t adequate or productive for learning. That said, one of the greatest advantages to homeschooling is that it can be done from anywhere you can transport a laptop or computer! That means that families who are in desperate need of new surroundings and more space can book a stay in a home away from home that also comes with access to additional fun. At Five Star Properties, we think the ultimate at-home learning destination is the Destin and 30A area of Florida have a wide variety of homeschooling-friendly homes for rent in Destin FL ready to be called yours.

Homes for Rent in Destin FL for Online Classes

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At Home School Under the Florida Sunshine

The 30A and Destin areas of Florida are scenic and exciting and at Five Star Properties, we have the at homeschooling luxury vacation homes in Destin Florida to match. Many of our properties are as spacious as they are bright, featuring open-living designs and large windows that frame an inspiring view. Enjoy doing your lessons on large decks, patios, or balconies when your learning style leans on fresh-air moments. Many of our homes include access to a full kitchen, making it easy to whip up midday snacks or look forward to home-style meals when learning is done for the day. Large bedrooms provide a luxurious place to rest up and when it’s time to connect with your class, access to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet make it easier than ever. Beach-inspired décor and tasteful furnishings keep your study areas classy and cozy while just outside the front door, there’s fun waiting for when your studies are put on pause.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows for Natural Light

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a characteristic of our properties for a reason. They offer something more than general aesthetics. Even with the multiple lighting sources available at your disposal, nothing can replace what natural light has to offer. From a medical perspective, you stand to benefit from natural light. First, it helps in the production of vitamin D, which your body’s skeleton cannot do without. Starring at your laptop for long hours in a closed-door setting does more harm than good. However, with our properly lit houses, there is reduced dependence on artificial light, which also improves your focus. With natural light, you automatically do away with all the headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain that would occur under artificial house lighting. Natural lighting also has a huge impact on your sleep patterns. Thanks to our properly designed rooms, it is now easy to develop healthy sleep patterns, making you more productive in your coursework.

Exploring the Area

Getting out and about is half the fun of a learn and play stay in this part of Florida. Head over to the Destin Harbor Boardwalk when you can’t wait to enjoy vibrant surroundings with restaurants and shops to explore. 30A is home to a wide variety of companies that book fishing and sailing charters while time on the beach is a must!

Unlimited Access to the Beach

Our properties are packaged in such a way that you are not confined to your room for the rest of your stay. If anything, education should never feel like imprisonment. It is more of a tool of expression. Most of our Destin properties have patios, giving you an incredible view of the beach. Scanning through your notes with that ocean view on the periphery is something only coastal areas can offer. The East Coast particularly serves such great outdoor vibes. Our properties are located not far away from the shoreline. Best still, you have the freedom to stroll down the shores for a dip. It is a great way to soak away Florida’s scorching sun and freshen the mind for some crucial academic tasks.

Excellent Internet Coverage

As a homeschooler, nothing should ever come between you and your internet. Our Destin properties are designed with internet connectivity in mind. Each of the rooms is fitted with an internet cable with no limitation to the number of devices that can connect at the same time. With such, it is possible to attend a class via Zoom and follow through a live event via TV while still going through the phone all at the same time. Same way, most of our properties leave the impression of a smart home. Even when the main internet is not available, there is always a backup option, meaning you will never realize any change after all. Also, our internet has a wide coverage range that keeps the connection intact even when strolling around in the backyard.

Heightened Security

Do students even care about security anyway? Whether they do or not, we are responsible enough to know that security is an important aspect of the life of a student. By far, Florida is among the safest places on the entire East Coast. Even with the region’s high-security ratings, we take no chances. All our properties are protected with a perimeter wall all around. These walls are high enough to prevent any instance of burglary. Additionally, we have security cameras installed in all corners of the various yards. With the 24-hour surveillance system, you can rest assured that the place is safe for you. Better still, there are people manning the property, making it a safe place for your studies.

Fast Food Joints in the Periphery

Even with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities all for you, it is practically impossible to prepare your meals each day. Sometimes, you get caught up in the coursework for the better part of the day making it hard to cook. In such instances, all you need is some ready-made food from the local food store. The strategic positioning of our various properties makes it easy for you to rush to the store without interrupting class time. These stores also come in handy on days when you feel off-mood and the kitchen is a no-go zone for you. If anything, a sizeable burger served with fries is such a mood saver.

Tag Along Your Pets

Are you passionate about pets? If so, then Destin is the place to be. It is not every other day that you come across a property that allows you to bring your pets. For us, pets are such a great asset especially if you are doing it all alone. With your favorite pet, at least you have a partner to beat the boredom. At least, we understand all that and that’s why we admit them to our premises. As a student, anything that helps you concentrate on your studies is dear to us. Let your pet feel what the East Coast feels like.

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