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Luxury Car Rentals for VPS ECP or Destin Airport

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When booking a luxury vacation, you have put plenty of time and thought into picking the perfect location. You may have spent a number of hours choosing the perfect week, weighing your options when it comes to activities, deciding on the right location, and finally, picking the perfect home. Once you have planned your Destin or 30-A vacation, you may need an automobile to help you get around town. When you rent a car from  Destin Auto Rentals the five star concierge service allows you to spend more time

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Five Star Properties; A Breckenridge Vacation Experience

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breckenridge vacationWhile you may be in the midst of your summer beach vacation, you may soon be thinking about planning a winter get away. Trading in paddleboards for snowboards and flip-flops for ski boots means you are thinking about heading west and skiing this winter. Five Star Beach Properties’ sister business helps you plan and manage your luxury Breckenridge, Co ski vacation. Visitors can expect the same level of five star customer service, concierge style amenities and luxury condos, town homes, and chalets from Five Star Properties CO that they

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Wine and Alcohol Delivery in Destin and 30A

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Five Star Beach Properties continues its commitment to providing outstanding customer service through its partnership with Deliver My Wine. Deliver My Wine is the premiere wine, beer, and cigar delivery service along the Emerald Coast. Serving Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Sandestin, and the communities of 30-A, Deliver My Wine can deliver your favorite bottles of wine or champagne, cases of beer and cigars right to the door of your luxury vacation home. Using Deliver My Wine is easy. Simply set up an account on the website and spend some tome

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Grill Out at Your Vacation Home

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Burgers, beach, and a cold beer are a perfect combination and a great way to end the day. Most of the luxury homes available through Five Star Beach Properties come equipped with high end gas or charcoal grills, giving visitors an opportunity to flex their culinary muscles and do some casual, outdoor entertaining. The humble burger has come a long way, and foodies and chefs know there are some tips and tricks that can help you grill the perfect burger at home. Be sure to choose a fatty cut of

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Destin Boardwalk

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For many years, the city of Destin dreamed of building a festive boardwalk, creating a place for locals and visitors to stroll the length of the Destin Harbor, from the Destin Yacht Club, west to Harbor Walk Village. Last year, after many years of planning and hard work, the Destin Boardwalk was completed, in time for the busy summer season. Now, There’s nearly a half mile of well -lit boardwalk, so you can stroll along, listen to music, grab a snack, and watch the boats from the heart of Destin.

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Biking in Destin and 30A

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Biking is a great way to see Destin and the Beaches of 30-A. With Five Star Beach Properties exclusive concierge service, there’s no need to waste valuable packing space by hauling your bikes and accessories from home. Our concierges can coordinate the delivery and pick up of bicycles for you and your family for as many days as you need during your stay. Bike rentals are offered on both a daily and weekly basis. Depending on where you are staying, you can bike the great state parks, the bike paths

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What to do if you get sick or injured at the beach

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Nobody likes to get sick or injured, especially when you’re on your vacation and away from your family doctor or pediatrician. If you or a family member are suffering from a minor illness or injury, there are a number of Urgent Care Clinics throughout Destin and the Emerald Coast which provide quick relief to even the most stubborn ear infection. Most of these clinics accept major health insurance and have a reasonable co-pay. When you, or your child is too sick to enjoy the beach, but not sick enough to

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Broadway Comes to the Beach

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The Mattie Kelly Arts Center, located at Northwest Florida State College just across the Mid-Bay Bridge in Niceville presents the award winning and much beloved musical “Les Miserable” July 17-20 and July 25th-27. Currently experiencing a pop culture resurgence, thanks to last year’s Academy Award Winning Film starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, “Les Mis” has been teaching audience to “ Dream A Dream” for more than twenty five years. Les Miserable, the world’s longest running musical, has been seen by more than 65 million people, in 42 countries. This

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Let our Concierge Take Care of Your Baby Needs

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Baby-CribsTraveling with small children, especially infants can be stressful for even the most experienced and worldly travelers. Whether you are flying or driving, baby gear is bulky, big, and difficult to pack. From strollers to high chairs, cribs, to bouncy seats, your child’s must have equipment will take up valuable real estate in your trunk or suitcase. Renting baby gear from Five Star Beach Properties is an easy way to make sure your luxury beach vacation home has all the equipment you need to keep your kids happy and safe.

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Unplug on Your Next Vacation

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Beach vacationsunplug can be relaxing, a time to re-charge your batteries and truly get away from it all. Even if you prefer to be active, there is an undeniable sense of serenity that comes from being by the ocean. With the advent of mobile technology, especially tablets and smart phones, sometime vacationers feel like they have to take their work with them and they never really get a chance to unplug. Here are a few strategies to help ways you can make the most of your beach vacation and truly

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Let Our Concierge Line up Your Next Fishing Trip in Destin

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Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” Destin is home to the country’s largest recreational fishing fleet. For many visitors, a trip to the Emerald Coast wouldn’t be complete without a fishing trip. At Five Star Beach Properties, our Five Star Concierge Service can coordinate and book private charters for both deep sea and bay fishing trips. These private charter boats are equipped with state of the art technology, air conditioning for your comfort, and clean restrooms. No need to secure a fishing license, but you will need:

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Information Regarding Jellyfish in Destin

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Every year, towards the end of July, jelly fish decide to visit the Emerald Coast. According to marine biologists, the annoying sea life get caught in the Gulf Stream and make their way to our warm, Emerald Green Waters. You’ll know we have uninvited guests by the Purple Flags flying on the beach. While jellyfish stings can be painful, they are generally not life threatening, and there are a couple of basic household items you can throw in your beach bag to help take the sting away. As long as

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