If you’re looking for a break that includes sun, sand, water, and warmth, you’ll want to make sure you consider Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s a fun, interesting place with plenty of history and little-known Gulf Coast facts you’ll love to discover during your stay.

History of Destin

People inhabited the area known as Destin all the way back to 500 B.C.E. Native Americans began leaving their mark in the seventh century A.D. in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, European explorers began to leave their mark, and by 1850, a fishing village was established. It wasn’t until 1984 that the State of Florida chartered the City of Destin as a municipality.

World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

The Destin area is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” The town’s quick and easy access to the deepest depths of the Gulf and having the nation’s largest commercial fishing fleet has earned them the title.

Scenic Highway 30A

While the City of Destin’s history dates back to 500 B.C.E., the scenic highway and South Walton boasts its own history. As far back as the early 1900s, the highway and its beach towns began to make their mark. Starting with Grayton Beach in 1911, the area was considered a beach retreat. Today, the 24-mile-long highway takes you past 16 beach communities boasting their own charm, as well as quick beach access.

White Sand Beaches

Beach communities around the world boast “sugar-white” or “white sand beaches found nowhere else.” The Gulf Coast lives up to the claim, since the crystal sand along the 30A beaches consists small particles of pure quartz which found their way to the beach over thousands of years of weathering and being washed down through the Apalachicola River and into the Gulf. The sand of 30A beaches can boast nearly 100% quartz, with the white also coming from the natural ‘bleaching’ from water and sun.

New Urbanism

A new architectural movement is credited to a town along 30A. Seaside is considered the birthplace of the New Urbanism architectural design. The New York Times called it “the most important phenomenon to emerge in American architecture in 50 years” when the community was established. Seaside’s “small town” design includes a town center with shopping – there’s a town grocery store along with other fun shops – dining, homes, cottages, offices, and more all within walking distance of one another.

Knowing More Gulf Coast Facts

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