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Sensational views, endless sunshine and inviting stretches of sugar-white sand beaches are waiting to be enjoyed for travelers who set their vacation sights on Destin and Florida’s 30A. Here, the shoreline beckons to those who love to spend time soaking up the sun’s rays while the wave are the ideal place to enjoy activities ranging from fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and boating. No matter how you like to spend your time away from home, Destin and 30A are bound to have something that inspires. While a short trip this way can work wonders when it comes to melting away stress, those with long-term goals revolving around relaxation and rejuvenation will be thrilled at the portfolio of options available with Five Star Properties. As diverse as the landscape itself, the listings we at Five Star Properties offer are vast and varied when it comes to booking a 60-day Emerald Coast long term rentals in this area.

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60 Day Rentals for an Extended Stay in Destin

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Make the Most of Your Florida Moment

While a 60-day getaway from the hustle and bustle of life is always inspiring, having a home away from home in a place that combines the best of comfort, convenience and style work to elevate your experience in every way. Guests who book our 60-day rentals will find plenty of options waiting to meet their personalized preferences. From beachside bungalows to towering residences complete with multi-level balconies, our options speak to a customized stay with every visit. Many of our 60-day rentals are designed with a focus on space and light, making our properties as stylish as they are inviting. Guests can enjoy open-concept floorplans dotted with tasteful furnishings and often finished off with the inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen stocked with cookware, utensils and upscale appliances. No matter how many travelers you arrive in Destin with, the added benefit of an open living floorplan lies with the seamless ability to move between living, sleeping, and dining spaces with ease. Guests will love the fact that they can socialize with one another while moving between rooms and when it’s time to rest and relax, an oasis of comfort and restoration is no more than a door or two away. Those travelers who book a 60-day stay in a property with vaulted ceilings as well will find there’s even more to enjoy during their Emerald Coast journey. Property designs that feature these elements provide guests with an even further enhanced sense of overall living space that brightens the ambiance further and gives visitors every reason to embrace the best of the moments and places they’ve found! Savor the view from the privacy and tranquility of a balcony, deck or patio which also works as an alfresco dining area on nights when you’ve cooked up a home-style meal. While guests who are traveling alongside others will find these outdoor areas are wonderful for socializing in comfort and style, they also work well for beginning and ending each day of the getaway on an exceptional note. Guests in properties with these outdoor seating spaces included will want to take advantage of options to wake up each day with the sunrise, enjoying the view and sounds of the morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand from a plush seat on a patio. It could be equally appealing to wind down at night on the balcony under a sky of glittering stars, sipping your favorite red, white, or sparkling wine selection. Either way, the moments guests crave and truly deserve during a vacation are always within reach when they book through Five Star Properties. Kitchens in many of our 60-day rentals are designed to be the ultimate in cooking convenience thanks to the fact that many include spacious counters, modern appliances and a collection of cookware that invites visitors to serve up breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever those cravings come calling. Traveling chefs who are booking a 60-day stay in these properties who know in advance they’ll be looking for more in the way of comfort, convenience, and culinary style only need to ask to find it! Many of our properties can easily be booked to include kitchens on-site that host everything from extended breakfast bars with barstool seating options to sprawling center islands offering up even more in the way of meal preparation space. Those who plan to stock up on quality ingredients while they’re in town in order to serve up mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, or dinner options during a stay will find properties with kitchens hosting extra-large pantries an absolute must! While Wi-Fi makes it simple to connect with the world, choosing a 60-day rental for an extended stay in Destin, close to areas you’re excited to explore makes it easy to immerse yourself in the Florida lifestyle from the moment you arrive. While many of our guests who book a 60-day star are inevitably heading here to enjoy time away from the daily grind, access to high-speed services makes it possible to check in on those local and global headlines while also providing a route to planning a quiet night in our Destin area vacation rentals streaming your favorite show on an upgraded and large flat-screen television. At Five Star Properties, we work hard to ensure that all of our guests enjoy the best of a customized experience from start to finish. While we love that so many travelers head this way with time to unwind on the priority list, other guests arrive knowing they’ll be balancing work and play in equal measure. For these visitors working remotely and pairing their time with adventures as well, access to wi-fi and seamless internet is even more important. For these travelers, our properties make it easy to send and share digital files, link up with colleagues over virtual platforms and meet those deadlines with peace of mind.

Get Out and Enjoy the Surroundings

Destin is a great place to make the most of the shoreline by spending as much time as possible on the chalk-white sand, working on a tan or savoring the sight of the blue waves lapping your toes. For those that are more excited to get out on the waves or take their adventures underwater, Destin is filled with outdoor adventure companies that are more than willing to help you book an amazing sightseeing cruise, dolphin-spotting adventure, or snorkeling trip that puts you up close with sea turtles! When you just can’t wait to add a brand new perspective to your trip, the team at Destin Parasailing will show you what the shoreline looks like from above! Follow up those sky-high adventures with a banana boat ride on the waves that’s as thrilling as it is fun for the entire family.

Unwind in Luxury During Your Extended Stay in Destin

When you’re looking for something more for your extended stay in Destin, all you have to do is ask! At Five Star Properties, we’re happy to help our guests find that ideal 60-day Emerald Coast long term rental that includes a private pool or hot tub, keeps you close to the beach or makes the most of interior features such as vaulted ceilings, stainless steel appliances or fine leather furnishings. At Five Star Properties, we’re committed to designing one-of-a-kind stays for all of our guests excited to visit Destin and the 30A area. When it comes to requests, nothing is out of reach. Our team is always on hand to turn those ideal vacation getaway details into a reality, whether that means finding guests a property that comes with a sprawling yard or includes a spectacular Gulf front view that’s sure to stay with you long after you’ve left.

Welcome to Florida!

Take time to experience the beauty of Florida for yourself while the team at Five Star Properties handles your accommodation details so you can focus on the fun. Contact us today for more information on our many properties and services available in the area.