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It’s hard to deny it’s been a long winter. When you’re ready to swap out snow for some much-needed sunshine, there’s no place better to set your travel sights than Florida’s stunning stretch of coastline known and loved as 30A. Defined by its chalk-white sands, blue surf, and endlessly charming coastal communities that are waiting to be explored—30A is a sensational vacation destination that can easily turn a first-time visitor into someone who returns year after year! Whether you’re looking forward to surfing, restaurant hopping, biking, or making the most of time working on your tan, 30A is the perfect place to enjoy it all this year. When you know you’re going to need a summer rental that’s designed to be as inspiring as your surroundings, the team at Five Star Properties is ready and waiting to lend a hand and a home with our 30A Luxury rentals!

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Live Your Best 30A Life

Guests who book a rental on 30A for the summer months in Florida with the help of Five Star Properties will delight in having plenty of choices to select from. We know that making a great getaway unforgettable comes down to the customized details. To that end, we’re happy to provide guests with summer rental options that range from cozy abodes by the shore to sprawling multi-level estates that are sure to please large groups looking to indulge in luxury at every turn. No matter what type of rental you’re searching for, we’re sure to have something that suits your tastes and style. Whether you’re coming to 30A as a solo traveler, in the company of a significant other, or alongside friends and family, guests can count on their 30A stay being as bright as it is spacious. The sunshine is a defining feature of 30A and as such, our properties are outfitted with large windows that promote natural light flow and also frame a breathtaking view. The living space designed to be enjoyed in our rentals often keeps open living top of mind. Guests will find this type of floorplan is convenient and accommodating—making it simple to move between rooms with ease as well as between interior and outdoor seating areas. When it comes to exterior seating options, we stick with a trend of versatility to meet the needs of our guests. Enjoy a summer morning sunrise from the comfort of a private patio, balcony, or deck during your stay. Here, you can make the most of fresh air moments, enjoy the tranquility you’ve been craving or wait until evening and enjoy the sound of the waves with a glass of wine in hand. Inside, the view is just as inviting. Furnishings in our summer 30A rentals promise to be tasteful and cozy in equal measure. Guests will love the pairing of plush sofas, loveseats, decorative area rugs, coffee tables, and armchairs that are found in many of our vacation homes. These staple items are often combined with wonderful wall art that’s added to reflect the beauty of the landscape outdoors right inside! At Five Star Properties, we’re a team of professionals who are passionate about the people and places we serve. We’re committed to helping our guests make the most of their 30A summer getaway and recognize that for many adventurers, getting out and exploring their surroundings is a priority during a visit. However, we also know that resting up well for days of 30A fun ahead is just as important. That’s why we’re happy to provide our guests with access to a wide variety of 30A summer rentals that feature spacious and inviting bedrooms that double as an oasis of rest, relaxation, and restoration too! Many bedrooms found in our summer rentals are refreshingly large and provide guests with plush mattresses to enjoy that are topped with high-quality linens and stylish comforters to match. Those looking for even more in the way of style, space, and convenience only need to ask to find it. Many of our properties can provide guests with bedrooms that also include extras like walk-in closets and en-suite baths with spa-inspired shower and tub combos to match. We can even provide access to properties with bedrooms that enjoy private outdoor access points to patios and balconies for those who are looking to make even more of the view during their stay.

The Extras that Elevate Your Summer Stay

Time out exploring 30A promises to be a highlight of your getaway this year but when you book a rental with Five Star Properties, you’ll find just as much to savor inside. Many of our rentals are outfitted with convenient and spacious kitchens that are fully equipped to make serving up a home-cooked meal easier than ever. Those looking forward to creating their own meal or two will love that these spaces include access to spacious counters, modern appliances, and often a full collection of cookware. If you happen to be a 30A-bound summer traveler that loves to serve up gourmet-inspired meals during your stays, the team at Five Star Properties is happy to help get you settled in a summer rental that has more to offer in the way of culinary inspiration. Be sure to ask about our rental options that include kitchens complete with extended breakfast bars and barstool seating as well as those that include spacious pantries for those times when you know you’ll want to be stocked up on quality ingredients to make a savory breakfast, lunch, or dinner spread. We can also help guest who are culinary enthusiasts get settled into summer rentals across 30A that enjoy large center kitchen islands when you know that added meal preparation space will be required. Feel free to dine indoors or utilize patio furniture found on the vast majority of outdoor decks, patios, and balconies. When a day out exploring the summer months in Florida has to offer leaves you ready to relax, our properties prioritize those restful moments. We’re happy to provide guests with seamless access to Wi-Fi so they can enjoy quiet evenings streaming the shows and movies they love. Send and share vacation photos at the touch of a button or check in on social media when you want to know what’s been happening while you’ve been away. While the option to focus exclusively on the fun while visiting 30A is a delight, at Five Star Properties, we know that many of our 30A summer rental guests are also heading here with a few work-related items to check off the list. To this end, our property options are also ideal for those working remotely and access to Wi-Fi allows for easy connection to virtual meetings, sharing of digital files and meeting deadlines. Of course, there’s always room for added luxury for those looking for even more. Be sure to inquire about our rentals that feature fantastic private pools and inviting hot tubs too. Many of our properties sit beachside, offering up impeccable and quite frankly, unsurpassed 30A views! From vaulted ceilings and fireplaces to sleek hardwood flooring and granite countertops, we can make sure you’re settled in a property that brings the best of it all.

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